The special recipe for a Japanese Sake cup "OCHKO"!


Japan has a rich culture of enjoying visually diverse food and eating it little by little.
That's why the "OCHOKO"—a traditional SAKE cup— caught our attention. The OCHKO is actually a container meant for Japan's signature alcoholic drink, SAKE. They come in many designs, colors, shapes, and can be made from different materials. Every region produces them, and any given Japanese household will have a number of them. There are even OCHOKO collectors.


OCHOKO - a traditional SAKE cup


We worked with professional cooks to create a menu of original recipes—simple to prepare—that utilize the OCHOKO. There's nothing like staring at a spread of multi-colored OCHOKO piled up with food. Not only is it visually fun, but it is also great to be able to experience so many tastes. In short, it's twice the fun. It's also healthy—eating like this discourages overeating and too much calorie intake.

About Application

OCHOKO recipe is using the application which makes a 15-seconds movie called "ClipCM".

All recipes are created by a food coordinator"Yuko Watanabe".

When users shakes his/her iPhone, they can choose 3 out of 21 dishes.

They can look up the recipes from its cooking time, calories,

course (cold appetizer, warm appetizer, and dessert), or tastes (light, heavy, sweet).

OCHOKO Recipe's meals are pleasing to the eye and good for the body.

And it's not just for making snacks—the multicolored OCHOKO meals will liven up the table at any parties.

When users try cooking one dish from this recipe, I am sure they will want to cook more!

How to use “OCHOKO Recipe”

People can choose the favorite menu from 21 OCHOKO dishes.

All dishes are explained by 4 cuts. The application "ClipCM" is used here.
Of course people can check each process with a still image.

Application automatically chooses 3 recipes as a course menu when people shake their iPhone.

Samples of Menu

A boiled octopus with jelly

Chilled tomato with milk

Fried pumpkin with Miso and

Strowberry cheese icecream


※OCHOKO Recipe is distributed in the Japanese marketplace only.