"DANCING" becomes one of the required courses in Japanese junior high school from Apr. 2012.
There are some problems about this;

- Many students have preconceptions which dancing is difficult.
- Most of teachers does not know how to teach dancing.

So we collaborated with "Papaya Suzuki" who keeps participating actively in the domain of Japanese dance,and created new dancing method called "Kazufumi-kun". It is the simple method which everyone can learn and try dancing easily. And also teachers can learn how to teach dancing their students with this.

The movie below introuduces the dance class which KAZUFUMI-Kun method is used.


About Application

You can dance by just stepping the rhythm on the sheets which numbers are printed like right foot, left foot, both feet etc.
The variations of dancing will increase if you add hand actions to it like right hand, left hand, etc. After learning some of the basic steps, It is all up to you to mix them or add upper body's action to create the original dance.
It is the method to create original dances easily with every ones' imagination and creativity.
We developed the iPhone app named "Kazufumi-kun" to put this method into practice.
There are "Practice mode" and "Stage mode" inside of app and you can choose the different level of menu.
You can practice every steps effectively by watching sample movies of Papaya Suzuki and other professional dancers.
Prepare 4 mats which numbers (from 1 to 4) are printed.
Put the mats on the ground like
Stand in the center of 4 mats.
Choose the step whichever you like from iPhone app "Kazufumi-kun". Dance by stepping the rhythm on 4 mats. Don't forget holding final pose at the end of dance!

How to use 'Kazfumikun'

Start app and select "dance".

"History" You can see the record.
"Introduction" You can read the developer's thought and watch the special dance performed by KoRock.
Choose "Practice Mode"

"Stage Mode" is the mixture of Practice Mode's steps.
What is "Practice Mode" ?

Choose the step you want to dance from
10 basic steps. You can check sample
movies from "Sample".
Let's dance by stepping the rhythms. What is "Stage Mode"?

You can check which basic steps are
used to develop Stage Mode dances by
tapping the icon below title.
Let's dance by stepping the rhythms.
Every dances has a different speed of rhythm.
Custom Dance

Press the "EDIT" button and switch the practice steps as you like to make your original dance.
Video Shooting

You can make a film of your dancing when you play the "Stage Mode" and "Custom Mode". The movies can be uploaded to YouTube and share by Twitter or Facebook.

You can check your dancing record.

※Kazufumi-kun is distributed in the Japanese marketplace only.