Let's make an original sound rattle from the sounds of nature!

Earth Rattle

This is the first "toy" introduced by PaPaCo Design project which transformed the iPhone into a toy. Earth Rattle seeks to connect parents and to their children through sounds. Using the concept of the rattle as a motif, Earth Rattle is an application where you can freely mix animal, insect, and nature sounds in order to play.

PaPaCo Design project

This PaPaCo Design Project was launched to create toys that would encourage parents and children to play and create together, to bulk up their sense of creativity, and to stimulate their imaginations. At the same time, these toys would heighten their awareness of the environment.

The idea came from 3 Basic Observations

  1. Families that live in the city don't have many opportunities to hear the sounds of nature.
  2. Because of video games, the time for parents to spend with the children has been decreasing.
  3. Because the sense of hearing develops early in children, they have an unusual sensitivity to sound.

About Application

This is an application to combine different nature sounds and make an original sound rattle by shaking your iPhone.

You can either choose 1 sound or combine up to 5 different sounds.

There are 31 different nature sounds in the application so that there are more than 370 thousands sound combinations. The new original sound that you made can be saved with your own title. There are a few sound combinations already installed such as "forest", "jungle", and "ocean".

This is a very simple application to listen to the sounds by shaking your iPhone so that there are endless ways to enjoy it.

For example,

  1. Gathering only the same sounds
  2. You can make a sound guess quiz
  3. World trip in your mind by listening to your mixed sounds
  4. Original story out of the sounds
  5. Sound effect when you read children's book

How to use “Eart Rattle”

Choose one sound from animals, birds, insects, and nature. And check the sound by shaking your iPhone.

The sound is added to rattle.
You can play maximum 5 sound
at the same time.


※Earth Rattle is distributed in the Japanese marketplace only.